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Covana®:  It’s a Cover and a Gazebo.

Introducing the world’s first automated all-in-one hot tub cover/gazebo that elevates and lowers with a turn of the key.

Raise your hot tub to a whole new level. Up, it’s a gazebo. Within 20 seconds Covana raises to it’s full height to become an attractive gazebo.

Down, it’s a hot tub cover. Once lowered, it safely and securely locks into place.

The Covana will make you fall in love with your hot tub all over again. You’ll use it more frequently.  Hot tub water will stay cleaner, longer. Join the many smart hot tubbers who have selected a Covana.



Our high quality gazebos enhance the spa experience by offering privacy, protection from the elements, and convenience. We have worked hard to set a new standard in gazebo quality.

Features such as boot glazed tempered bronze glass in residential grade aluminum windows and doors offer excellent performance, ease of operation, and are easy to clean. Our Galvalume metal roof systems have a 40 year warranty and will shed snow. Envirotech HDPE is a durable, maintenance free material that will look great after years of extreme exposure. Our units can support 45 lb snow loads and withstand 100 MPH winds. Every model has been tested and certified by a licensed engineering firm.