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The best premium coolers and accessories that are the ultimate in design, performance, and durability!


Cover Removal Systems

Your spa ownership experience would not be complete without one of our Hot Spring® cover removal systems. Our cover removal systems are designed specifically to work with your Hot Spring cover and will enhance the ownership experience by:

  • Making entry to your spa simple.
  • Helping to prevent unnecessary damage to your spa's cover.
  • Eliminating the need to drag off and pull on the spa cover before and after using your spa.
A Hot Spring cover removal system will increase the use and enjoyment of your spa.

Welcome to SilkBalance™ For Spas

"A Relaxing Silky Soft Water Spa Experience"


Now enjoy the pleasure of a spa, relax with a simple one step process to keep your water crystal clear, feeling soft, and with a refreshing and pleasant scent.  SilkBalance™ is a spa water care treatment program specially formulated to: 

  • be soft and easy on your skin
  • be very simple to use
  • be a one step process, add one measure
  • provide crystal clear water
  • provide a refreshing scent
  • provide continuous pure water quality
  • be safer for the environment.
  • prevent dangerous bacteria build up

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Strahl® beverageware is a high quality range that combines the strength of polycarbonate, with the elegant look and feel of glass. The Strahl® range includes everything from CapellaStack tumblers, to wine and champagne flutes, goblets and beer glasses, even pitchers, cocktail and shot glasses - for stylish entertaining, anywhere.

All Strahl® products are hand finished to remove manufacturing join lines, giving the clarity and elegance of glass. Strahl® does not shatter making it an extremely safe and cost effective alternative to glass and is dishwasher safe, so will not crack or craze in the dishwasher.

Strahl® can be pre-chilled in either the refrigerator or the freezer for serving ice cold drinks and desserts. With superior insulation properties, Strahl® keeps beverages at optimal drinking temperature for longer.

Ace Salt Water System

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the ACE Salt Water System is creating the sanitizer you need to keep spa water sparking — even if you haven't given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers an automated, low-maintenance water care solution like the ACE Salt Water System that enhances the quality of your spa water.

Spa Entertainment Systems


Hot Tub & Spa Accessories

Since 1988, A&B has been the world leader in quality redwood spa accessories and patio furniture. Their innovative designs transform your spa into a spectacular haven for family and friends. A&B Accessories' products are simple to assemble and designed with maximum functionality in mind.

All A&B products are 100% made in the USA! They proudly support their local economy as well the economies of their supplers - all of whom reside in the United States of America.

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