Improve Vitality In the Hot Tub, Spa Expo Des Moines

Vitality, or the liveliness and energy we use to stay healthy and strong tends to decrease with age. Rather than accept defeat, fight back with a proven strategy for looking and feeling your best. Here are three ways to improve vitality by soaking in the hot tub. Promote a Healthy Heart – As you soak, … Read More

A Portable Spa Can Help Manage Stress, Des Moines Hot Tub Expo

“Along with serious health issues, elevated stress can cause emotional and mental issues. Luckily, there are simple ways to deal with stress and reduce its effects,” says Sean Schaben of Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines. Here are three simple ways to combat stress. Relax in a hot tub. – Soaking in the soothing, warm … Read More