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You work hard, save money when you can and try to make the right choices in life. The key to longevity is happiness, low stress and good family and friends. By that measure, you think you’re doing a pretty good job – at least most of the time. But while you’re on the right path, there’s always room for improvement and always something more that can make your journey just a little easier. If you’re ready for a few simple, but positive changes, here are three useful things you never knew you needed.

A Library Card – With everything going on around us every day, when is the last time you actually took the time to read a book? Sure, it’s not something many of us have the time to do, but it’s a proven way to relax, de-stress and take your mind off those things you cannot change. A visit to your local library and in minutes you could be on the way home with some fantastic Sunday reading. And if you have kids, the library is filled with free movies, books on tapes and more to keep little ones entertained and educated.

Good Sunglasses – We’ve all heard about the damaging effects of the sun, but did you know that wearing cheap sunglasses not only don’t protect your eyes like a good pair, but can actually do more damage? It’s true. When the eyes are exposed to light the iris constricts. If you’re wearing cheap sunglasses, the iris remains open, exposing the eye to damaging ultra-violet rays. Most glasses can eliminate glare and make it easier to see outside, but only quality glasses will completely eliminate UV rays that cause the most damage to your cornea and retina. Besides, like most things in life, you get what you pay for, and a few extra dollars for your eyes is one investment you simply can’t argue against.

A Hot Tub – When it comes to health and fitness, anything that helps increase longevity is worthwhile, but few people, realize the significant health benefits to be gained from soaking in a hot tub. Have you been saving all year long to go to the spa for a well-deserved massage? How about investing in your very own in-home hot tub for anytime relief? A hot tub is the solution to all kinds of ailments – stress, insomnia, arthritis and more. A dip in the warm, massaging water is a hydrotherapeutic experience like no other, and an easy and convenient way to look and feel your best. Twenty minutes in the morning before work and stiffness is gone, Twenty minutes after dinner for a restful sleep and anytime for family friendly fun and entertainment.

Whether you know it or not, there are many things you could use to make your life a little easier or more fun – and that’s the good part about life. But if you have a little extra time and some energy, consider a library card, a quality pair of sunglasses and an in-home hot tub too.

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