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Arnolds Park Hot Tubs and Swim Spas Dealer Shares 3 Ways to Improve Relationships for Social Wellness

“Strong social wellness is important, but not just because it makes having good relationships with others possible, people really need to understand how vital it is to their own personal health, emotionally, mentally and even physically,” says Sean Schaben, Co-Owner of Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines.

That’s why taking a little time to develop stronger social well-being and interactions are so important to everyone, young and old. Here are three ways to improve relationships for social wellness.

Create a Gathering Spot

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Making the home a place of comfort, ease and relaxation is a good idea for general health and a stress-free life, but it also adds to social health as well. Creating a place for friends and family to gather in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere doesn’t take much effort.

Add a hot tub to the back yard or on a patio and people will be drawn to it automatically. The warm, temperature-controlled water and bubbling massage jets create a luxurious aura that can be a soothing spot to discuss life’s dilemmas and dreams with others in a peaceful place.

A portable spa is a simple way to add extra entertainment value to the yard. Since it is moveable, it can go to a new home, transferring that appeal to a new property with ease, or just make it easier to adjust areas and change up the space quickly.

Talk to People
People who haven’t had a chance to really develop great social skills may have trouble talking to strangers, even on a superficial level. Practice talking to people at the store, while waiting in line for a movie ticket, or the train. Anytime there is someone new around, just greet them with a smile and see where the conversation goes.

Appreciate Quiet Time
Taking a few minutes each a day to just settle down and meditate, exercise or even read a book to de-stress can help people mentally open up and be ready for more active social interactions. Before it is time to get together with others for an event, a party or any type of gathering, spend a few minutes relaxing. Use the time to create positive imagery of the event and feel the enjoyment of spending time with others.

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