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Holidays in your Hot Spring

There are so many ways to benefit from your hot tub this holiday season. From relaxing to celebrating, a hot tub will be there to help! Let us paint you a picture.

AHS Big Sky Tiff 93

Family time – Everyone is home for the holidays and you couldn’t be more excited to sit down and talk to your kids, grandkids, siblings or parents and just catch up and have some laughs. You can surely all sit around the TV in the living room with your phones in your hand OR you can unplug and head out to the hot tub for disconnected conversation.

Relaxation– You just spent 3 hours at the mall finishing up shopping for your family’s Christmas presents just to get home and spend another hour wrapping them. After finishing up, head to your hot tub to relax your mind and muscles and prepare for a great night sleep.

Christmas Eve– The kids are all winding down from their exciting day of playing in the snow or running around with the cousins. They are all on a Christmas cookies sugar high and they can’t stop talking about their excitement for Santa Claus to come. Take the kids out to the hot tub and watch the night sky and gaze into the stars watching for Santa before bed. The warm water will relax them as memories are being made as you create a Christmas Eve tradition of watching for Santa together. HotSpring Highlife Grandee Snow 01

A Get Away– Aunt Shirley and Uncle George have been staying at your house for 4 long days now and you need a get away. Head to your hot tub for your own personal oasis. Relax as you listen to the bubbling water, warm your body up as the air around you is freezing cold and clear your mind.

Snowfall– Close your eyes and picture the snow falling around you as you sit in your spa. Those huge snowflakes are falling, the ones that look like you’re in a snow globe that was just shaken up. As you’re sitting in warm water the cold flakes are falling right on your head, this is a moment like no other!

Celebration– You are having a few friends over to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The ball just dropped in Time Square at 11PM CT, you have just enough time to head out to the hot tub for an unplugged soak full of laughter with your buddies before it strikes midnight in the Midwest. Hello 2023!AHS Big Sky Tiff 178



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