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3 Health Benefits from Hydrotherapy Massage, Hot Tub, Swim Spa Sale Woodbury

Hot Spring Spas of Minneapolis, a hot tub, lap pool, and infrared sauna dealer located in Woodbury, MN, publishes 3 Health Benefits from Hot Tub Massage.

“One of the defining characteristics of a hot tub spa is hydromassage. The combination of intense heat, rejuvenating jet massage, and buoyant water create a unique and soothing environment for relaxation.,” says Jason Rounds, General Manager. But a spa is more than just a way to relax, it’s actually a smart tool for health and wellness. Here are 3 amazing benefits you can get today from hot tub massage.

Medicine Free Pain Relief – People don’t need to be diagnosed with arthritis to understand pain. With a hot tub at home, it’s easy to target aches and pains using powerful jet massage. A few minutes in the spa is all it takes to get the blood pumping and soothe a stiff, achy body. Soaking in a backyard spa is an all-natural way to feel better fast.

Easy Stress Management – Elevated stress that goes unmanaged can create all kinds of problems. Sometimes it’s restless sleep or tension pain. For others, high stress leads to a more serious condition. In all cases, stress needs to be managed. Investing in a backyard spa gives people access to the benefits of reduced stress, decreased tension, and a relaxed, healthy feeling from the comfort of home.

An Easy Way to Boost Happiness – What really happens when the muscles and joints experience the kneading sensation of massage? Well, for one, massage opens the delivery channels for more oxygen and nutrients to get to the cells, which helps restore lost energy and vitality. But a great massage, especially in the hot tub, elevates mood too. With each relaxing sensation, the body can produce endorphins, which keep you happy, healthy, and upbeat.

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