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Hot Tubs Des Moines, Ames, Pella, Marshalltown IA – The Perfect Marriage Counselor

Hot Tubs Des Moines, Ames, Pella, Marshalltown IA – The Perfect Marriage CounselorHot Tubs Des Moines, Ames, Pella, Marshalltown IA – The Perfect Marriage CounselorThe Perfect Marriage Counselor – How Soaking in a Hot Tub 3 Days a Week Can Help Your Marriage

Statistically, one in three marriages ends in divorce. This is not a very promising statistic to the thousands of newlyweds who are ready to start a life with the one they love. You met, you fell in love, you married. Now, things are much different. You have jobs, commitments, kids, bosses, even family that makes life challenging. Most of us fell in love with our partner because we shared something together. We chose each other because we liked what we saw. Isn’t it time to get that back? Let a relaxing, enjoyable experience bring you closer to the one you love – learn how soaking in a hot tub three days a week can help your marriage.

Reconnect With One Another – Talk – Sharing a hot tub experience with the one you love is the perfect way to reconnect. The cell phones and computers are turned off, the TV is nowhere to be seen and the only thing to concentrate on is one another. Let the soothing environment of a relaxing hot tub teach you how to reconnect with the one you love. Without distractions, it’s easy to talk to one another. Ask questions and listen to the answers. The same people who were fascinated by each other years ago are still here, waiting for an opportunity to come out. A hot tub creates the environment where you can talk and really listen – just the two of you.

Share an Intimate Moment Alone – In many families, it’s difficult if not impossible to share a moment alone. With kids getting off the bus, barking dogs and the constant murmur of the TV or computer, stealing a moment alone is only a distant memory. Make it a point to schedule three evenings where you and your partner can meet one another for an intimate moment alone. The hot tub is the perfect refuge from the chaos of life. If you can commit to the dentist, to the boss and to the babysitter, you can commit to the hot tub. Make it a ritual that you cannot miss and your marriage will thank you for it.

Let It All Go – Finally, let the hot tub show you how to let go. Lie back and let the warm water lift your body. With your partner next to you, take turns letting go and drifting. Experience the sensation of weightlessness in the hot tub and let the stress, the anxieties and the worries float away with the water. When the unimportant distractions are no longer able to occupy your thoughts, you can focus them entirely on your partner.

Marriage is tough and with the demands placed on us from work, family and even ourselves, it’s only going to get tougher. Remember why you married in the first place and use the resources around you to emphasize that feeling. Take advantage of the hot tub three days a week to reconnect as a couple, re-ignite your passion and re-emphasize why you fell in love in the first place.

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