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Hot Tubs Eagan, Saunas Eagan – Why You’ll Get More Use Out Of A Hot Tub Than A Pool

As a homeowner, making meaningful additions to your property is a smart strategy and an easy way to add value to your home. But with most of us on a strict budget, it’s important to get the most out of every hard earned dollar. If you’ve decided to complement your home with the addition of a hot tub or a pool, you’re not alone if you’re finding it difficult to choose between the two. With years of family fun and relaxation from the comforts of home in mind, you’re torn with no answer in sight.

Luckily, there are benefits to owning either a pool or a hot tub and most families would be thrilled at the idea of having either one-even temporarily. But hands down, regardless of climate or even the size of your family, you’re likely to get more use out of a hot tub than a pool.

Year Round Fun – When you purchase a hot tub, you’re making an investment that can easily be used 365 days of the year-winter, spring, summer and fall. That means if you’re looking forward to unwinding after a particularly stressful day in November or you’re ready for summer fun with a hot tub and grill party, you can do it. The unique qualities of the hot tub are the same year round and with no restrictions, you’re likely to take full advantage of your investment-whether snowflakes are falling on the patio or a summer breeze is blowing strong. While the pool is tremendously enjoyable when the weather is mild, if you happen to live anywhere that gets a chill in the air, the pool cover goes on-and stays on- for several months at a time.

Health Benefits of Hot Tub Hydrotherapy – The health benefits alone of using a hot tub make it a wise investment not only for your home, but your well being. With unparalleled relief, soaking in a hot tub a few times a week can dramatically improve joint and muscle aches and pains from arthritis, chronic back pain, even fibromyalgia. Stiff, overworked muscles or tension in the neck is targeted by massaging jets to bring instant relief. Having access to a hot tub right outside the back door makes it easy to start and end the day pain free. Plus, using a hot tub a few evenings after dinner promotes a deep, restful sleep, helping the body repair and reenergize naturally.

Convenience – Nothing is as simple as folding back the cover and slipping into the warm, relaxing water of a hot tub. With energy efficient pumps and heaters, it’s possible to keep your hot tub ready to use at a moment’s notice. And with ease and convenience, spur of the moment stress relief and date night dilemmas resolved, there’s no reason why the hot tub won’t become a central part of the entire family’s daily routine. Reconnect with your teenagers, relax with a best pal after work or simply engage in meaningful conversation with the one you love.

A hot tub offers unique opportunities that may not be available with a traditional pool. While they’re both enjoyable investments that are sure to add value to your home, a hot tub is clearly perfect for every occasion, bringing years of improved health, entertainment and close family relationships into focus.

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