Hot Tubs Hudson, Portable Spas River Falls, WI – Beat Insomnia With a Soak in the Hot Tub

It’s three in the morning and you have a busy day tomorrow, but you just can’t seem to stop tossing and turning. It’s impossible to get comfortable. Sound familiar? The truth is, you’re not alone if you experience sleep-related troubles at least a couple of times a month. In fact, studies confirm that as many as one out of every four workers in the United States suffer from insomnia. That’s a lot of time spent tossing and not a lot of time spent sleeping. The good news is, you can beat insomnia and do it naturally with a fifteen minute soak in the hot tub. Here’s how:

Ease the Transition Into a Deeper Sleep – When the body falls asleep, it typically goes through different stages. The first stage is a light sleep, which leads to a deep, sound sleep, called REM sleep. The REM stage is important because this is where the body restores energy, repairs and nourishes itself. Often, even if you manage to drift off, it’s difficult to make the transition from light sleep to deep sleep. Using a hot tub is an easy way to help the body move into REM sleep. It has to do with a drop in body temperature which alerts the brain that deep sleep is coming. Soaking in a hot tub causes body temperature to rise. When you get out of the water and prepare for bed, temperature drops, easing the transition into a deep sleep.

Calm the Brain, Relax the Mind – Too often, part of the reason many of us toss and turn at night is because we simply can’t stop replaying the events of the day in our head. Whether it was an unusually difficult conversation, a missed opportunity or a high stress situation, not being able to shut the mind down causes the body to stay alert. Sitting in warm, relaxing water is soothing physically as well as mentally, creating calm and peace to slow your thoughts, and finally get the rest you need.

Relax Sore, Stiff Muscles – Sometimes it’s difficult to sleep – not because of a racing mind, but because of pain. Whether it’s arthritis, a stiff neck from stress or chronic back pain, it’s nearly impossible to get a good night’s rest when you can’t find relief. Luckily, a quick twenty-minute soak prior to going to bed is an all-natural and safe way to relax sore muscles and joints. With targeted massage, it’s easy to direct high-powered jets precisely where pain is the worst, bringing instant relief and comfort.

Insomnia isn’t rare or something most of us don’t have to worry about. Millions of people suffer from a lack of sleep, resulting in physical and emotional problems that can jeopardize performance at work and at home. Using a hot tub is a safe, natural way to induce the deep, restorative sleep that we need to look and feel our best. A twenty-minute soak before bed and drifting off to a good night’s sleep has never been easier.

Hot Tubs Hudson, Portable Spas River Falls, WI

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