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Hot Tubs Minneapolis – How to Make Your Hot Tub Surroundings Private

There’s a funny question that comes up when one buys a hot tub: how can you enjoy a spa when you’ve got neighbors? It can be challenging to come up with ideas to enjoy your hot tub while hoping the neighbors aren’t staring, so here are three creative ways to landscape the surrounding area so your personal spa stays personal:

1 – Create a Rainforest – Not literally of course–create a thick green barrier between you and the rest of the world. Use plants that are large and leafy to provide natural privacy. Just make sure not to use plants and trees that shed leaves in autumn or drop berries in the spring. Keep in mind that you want the inside of your hot tub to stay clean. Some exotic trees, such as espalier that only grow sideways, will not only provide privacy but lend ambiance.

2 – Get a Gazebo – Gazebos can be customized to fit in with the look of your house. They are very good for muffling sound so that eavesdroppers don’t catch every word of your conversation, but they are also beautiful. There are many different styles of gazebos, suitable for different tastes and different privacy levels. However, most seem to fall into two types:

-Pavilion – These are perhaps the most recognizable, consisting of a roof and four posts. They offer protection from the sun as well as provide a bit of cover.

-Open Air – Usually enclosures without roofs, the open air gazebo allows fresh air in private. Different styles offer open lattice “walls” so you can enjoy the outdoors and your privacy. This type will also allow you to see the night sky while you soak in your hot tub.

3 – Build a Room or Spa Enclosure – Spa Enclosures are just like rooms and are made specifically to house the hot tub. This setup offers the most privacy, maximum protection from the elements, and can be decorated and customized any way you like.

Other ways to make your hot tub surroundings more private are to take steps to make your entire backyard more private. Allow crawling vines and plants to engulf a side fence, for example. Plant leafy trees along the perimeter of your backyard.

It’s possible to enjoy a relaxing soak in your Hot Spring Spas hot tub without feeling like you are on display. Let these tips guide you toward hot tub surroundings that are landscaped in a way that are private, creative, and beautiful.

Time to enjoy your hot tub!


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