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Hot Tubs Minneapolis MN – Creating a Backyard Spa Paradise With Creative Landscaping

When we buy a hot tub, we tend to imagine relaxing in it and drifting away to a peaceful oasis. But how many of us actually make that dream come true? Creating a backyard paradise with your hot tub is much easier than you think. How can you do it?

Create a theme.

This is perhaps the most important step. Creating a theme based around your spa allows you to focus on one thing you really enjoy and to discard irrelevant things. You know how you only need milk at the supermarket, yet come home with 10 other items? That’s what you want to avoid when building your backyard paradise spa.

Have fun with the landscaping.

Some people will buy a hot tub, mount it on a deck, and call it a day. But you can really have fun turning your backyard into a fully fleshed-out spectacle by using what is available and by concentrating on them. Keeping the theme in mind will especially guide you toward the right elements to include.

Plant exotic trees and plants that present a striking visual treat if you are recreating a rainforest. For high drama, or those attempting a secret garden effect, consider creating a pergola–a lush leafy path leading to a hot tub surrounded by a dome of gorgeous greenery.

Titillate all the senses, not just your vision. Use flowers that smell wonderful, such as honeysuckle. Add chimes to the posts of a pavilion gazebo and surround your spa with music. Install a fountain or a mini-waterfall for the sound of running water, or consider a fire pit not only for the flickering soft light, but the smoky smell.

When getting creative, consider the following:

-The impact of the landscaping on the hot tub. Trees that look beautiful but will eventually hang over the hot tub and drop berries or leaves into it might not be a wise choice.

-Time and cost. Whatever you choose is certainly up to you, but don’t make an elaborate plan if you will become outspent and burnt out making it.

Take these ideas and build on them, creating your own personal piece of heaven. The great thing about making your backyard paradise is that whatever you envision, you can create. Soaking in your bubbly spa will feel much better knowing that you’ve created all that you see.

Now go out there and soak!


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