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Hot Tubs Minneapolis – Portable Hot Tub FAQ’s – 5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy

If you are considering buying a hot tub, you probably already know about the great benefits you are about to receive. But there are hundreds of types, shapes and sizes, so how can you be sure you are making the best spa buying decision? It doesn’t have to be a tough process. Here are 5 great questions to ask before you buy a hot tub:

Question #1—How easy is it to take care of a spa?

Luckily, most hot tub owners report that their hot tubs are easy to maintain. The manufacturer’s manual will explain particulars but hot tubs typically require filter cleaning, sanitizing, and to be drained every few months.

Also is the dealer able to perform regular maintenance services for you? How much do they charge for their maintenance services? A good dealer will be able to tell you what upkeep costs you might be in for.

Question #2—How energy efficient is a spa—can you get estimated monthly costs?

The type of hot tub you buy will directly reflect the cost. If you want to be energy-efficient and keep costs down in the process, be aware that higher speeds, more jets and bigger pumps will cost more and use more energy. Insulation and hot tub covers can help to reduce energy use.

For your convenience, manufacturers have energy tables available so you can estimate monthly costs. Just make sure you get the current rate of power in your town so you can get a good estimate of how much the spa will cost you.

Question #3—Do you have to use harsh chemicals to keep your spa water clean?

The chemicals that hot tubs require aren’t any more harmful than those that you might use for your pool. They help the water stay at the right pH level, keeping grimy buildup from destroying your hot tub components. The right sanitizing system prevent bacteria and mold from growing in your hot tub as well as ridding your spa of viruses and other impurities.

Question #4—What kind of backyard preparation do I have to do?

The great thing about hot tubs is they are very easy to install and there is not much that needs to be done to prepare. Find a level area to place the hot tub that has access to an outlet and a hose. You also have to be sure that the location you choose will be strong enough to support a hot tub full of water and people. Be aware of trees and power lines that may be overhead, and make sure you are in compliance with local codes.

Question #5—What type of “after the sale” service does the company provide?

Find out what kind of support you can expect from both the dealer and the manufacturer of the hot tub after your purchase. Some things to consider:

-Warranties—Does the manufacturer have one? Does the dealer? What do they entail?

-Service hours-Do they offer 24/7 service?

-Maintenance services—What type of services do they offer? Do they offer both cleaning and repair?

-Stock and supplies—Can you get the part you need in a reasonable time frame?

There can be a lot of things to think about when purchasing a hot tub, but ask these five questions first and you will have a better chance of buying the right hot tub from the right dealer. The right choice will give you peace of mind while saving you time and money.

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