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Hot Tubs Woodbury, Plymouth Dealer Shares Family Reunion Ideas

“With graduations, weddings and other warm weather holidays coming, this time of year is normally packed with reunions,” says Randall Long, from Hot Spring Spas of Minneapolis. Adding a hot tub to the backyard is a great way to the control stress and chaos and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are three ways to offer entertainment for the whole family in a hot tub:

Watch Favorite Family Movies in the Hot Tub


Most families have one or two movies they’ve traditionally watched together. Family reunions are the perfect time to play them, relive good memories, and make new ones. Stream video on your all-weather HD hot tub monitor. Make some popcorn or, if it’s cold, some hot cider or chocolate. Keep the water temperature kid-safe, dim the lights, and press play.

Host a Barbecue with Your Hot Tub
Even as the nights get crisper, an afternoon barbecue is a great way to bring together food and entertainment the whole family will love. Fire up the grill and offer hot dogs and hamburgers. Make the hot tub the centerpiece of the event. Watch the family team’s baseball or football game on the all-weather TV monitor. Make some popcorn and let the hot tub’s warm, bubbly water keep the whole family warm and relaxed through the game.

Entertain the Kids in a Hot Tub
Family reunions can be chaotic with kids home from school and nieces, nephews, and grandkids visiting from all over. Keep the fun under control with a contained kid-friendly event in the hot tub. Lower the hot tub’s water temperature, throw in some pool noodles, slip arm floaties on the littlest ones, turn on the fountain, and set the lighting to cycle through colors. Then, take turns supervising so the adults can have some adult time.

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