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Salt Water Hot Tubs Dealer Des Moines, Participates in Stress Awareness Month

“At times, stress at home can be overwhelming. Whether it’s an argument with a spouse, dealing with young children and teens, or piles of bills that never seem to stop, it can feel like there’s nothing we can do about it,” says Sean Schaben, Co-Owner of Hot Spring Spas of Des Moines. At the same time thought, stress at home is a lot easier to cope with than the random stress in the outside world though.

Here are three ways to reduce stress at home.


Talk Don’t Explain – When there are situations at home making blood pressures rise, don’t be tempted to explain it away or make excuses for it. Instead, talk to significant others or sit children down and talk with them about difficulties.

Simply accepting a situation for what it is allows the stress to continue and it is likely that everyone in the home is feeling the strain. If financial worries or job stress is creating tensions, often just talking about the problems with loved ones can ease the strain or help reduce the burden.

Write It Down – Keeping a journal may seem like child’s play but writing our feelings can have a big impact on how we deal with the stress in our lives. It is a lot like talking about the problems with an old friend, without anyone else present to make judgments.

Just the act of writing out the issues we face daily can also help reduce their significance. Too often we let things build up until they seem like huge problems when they’re really not that bad. Seeing it in writing and letting out the anxiety is a good way to reduce stress levels.

Take a Soothing Hot Tub Soak – Hot tubs fit great in any home. Unlike a full-sized pool, they won’t take up the entire yard and they remain at the perfect temperature at any time of the year.

Portable spas have a great advantage over a regular bath in that the temperature won’t fluctuate, and the jets provide soothing relief to sore muscles and tired minds. Plus, friends and family will love soaking in it as well, and when it is time for a difficult conversation about stress at home, a hot tub provides a relaxing atmosphere to hold a calm discussion that makes everyone feel better.

Add a stereo system or television to the hot tub and it is a great all-around stress reducer where everyone in the family can soothe their tired nerves at the end of a long day with comforting water, soft music or their favorite shows.

Consumers wanting to learn more about hot tubs and how they can help improve overall health and well-being are encouraged to pick up a copy of this free hot tub buyer’s guide, 7 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before You Buy a Hot Tub. Just call 515-270-8702 or visit the company website for more information at https://hotspringgreen.com/hot-tub-dealer-des-moines-sale/.

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