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Saunas Fairmont, Sauna Sale Worthington, IA – Using Saunas to Improve Health: Beyond Detox

For years, people have been suggesting that dry heat saunas are the answer to eliminating harmful chemicals and bacteria from the skin. A good sweat is a healthy sweat and using a sauna to maximize the body’s natural detoxification process is easy and safe. But are there any other advantages that come from relaxing in the warmth of a sauna?

Get Heart Healthy: Cardiovascular Benefits – You might be surprised to learn that fifteen minutes in a sauna can actually be great for the heart. And there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that using one daily can result in significant cardiovascular benefits.

Heat stimulates the body in much the same way as light cardiovascular exercise. As core body temperature rises, capillaries dilate, which increases blood flow, giving the heart a mild workout. In fact, using a sauna can positively impact a number of cardiac conditions by decreasing blood pressure and improving oxygen intake.

Weight Control – These days, who isn’t looking to enhance a workout for optimized weight loss? Sitting in a sauna promotes sweat and is a simple strategy that adds tremendous value to weight loss effort. After a tough workout, why not add a little more. After all, there’s a reason why professional athletes in training use saunas to “cut weight” – expelling salt and excess water from the body.

It may just be the answer to losing those final five pounds. While you may not be gearing up for a heavy weight champion of the world title match, you could probably benefit from a few less pounds here or there – and hitting that target has never been easier.

Increased Metabolism – Most of us remember from grade school the purpose of the metabolism – it burns calories and turns food into energy. But as many of us know, with age, metabolic rate decreases, making it increasingly more difficult to maintain a healthy body weight while continuing to eat the foods we enjoy.

In fact, once you reach age 40, it’s almost impossible not to pack on the pounds without changing anything at all. While you can’t stop the aging process, you can use a sauna to jump start your metabolism, helping you more effectively burn calories and maintain the physique you’ve worked hard to get. A healthy, revved up metabolism is the key to burning calories quickly, staying fit and trim and feeling great.

A sauna is a terrific way to detox, eliminating harmful bacteria and other contaminants from the body for improved performance and overall health. But don’t discount the other health benefits that can come from fifteen relaxing minutes. Improve cardiovascular health, enhance a weight loss strategy and rev up that metabolism for optimized fitness and a svelte physique.

Saunas Fairmont, IA – Sauna Sale Worthington, IA

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