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When temperatures are mild, most people spend a considerable amount of time outside. Whether it’s taking a walk after dinner, washing the car or simply lounging on the front porch, outdoor time is frequent. But when the temperature drops, it’s more difficult to get outside and fresh air is limited to the few seconds we spend moving from our vehicles to indoors.

Over a long winter season, lack of fresh air and sunshine impacts mood, leaving many of us grumpy and miserable. Don’t suffer another day when you don’t have to. Here’s how to beat “winter blues” and some other benefits of hot tubbing outdoors.

Elevate Mood – There’s no question, using a hot tub when you’re grumpy can lift your spirits. Now add the open air and it’s almost impossible not to feel instantly rejuvenated. Hot tubbing in the great outdoors (even if it’s the backyard) is one of the easiest ways to elevate a sour mood. With heated massage, aches and pains are a distant memory and stress melts away, leaving the sound of rippling water and the sensation of cold air and hot skin. A twenty-minute dip is all you need to beat the blues.

Mental Relaxation – Spending time outdoors has a tremendous positive impact on one’s mental state of mind. A few minutes communing with nature and you have a clear mind. It’s an opportunity to become more focused, making it easier to prioritize. In fact, using a hot tub outdoors is one of the most effective ways to foster creativity and innovation. This is the quiet serenity you need to come up with a better plan, a newer strategy and a fail proof solution to all that you do.

Boost Immunity – Believe it or not, lounging in your hot tub outside may be the perfect way to stave off the winter flu and there’s evidence to support the idea that just being in nature can actually boost immunity. Scientists note that spending time around trees and bushes increases exposure to phytoncides, which increases immune function, helping you stay healthier longer. While there are many possibilities, one very obvious reason has to do with decreased stress. The less stress you feel, the healthier you are and the less likely you are to get sick.

Winter time hot tubbing in the great outdoors is an experience everyone should have the pleasure to enjoy. After all, nature, in all of its glory, helps us feel calm, elevates our mood and keeps us at peace regardless of the weather. Let the stress go and take a dip outside to feel great!

Hot Tubs Golden Valley, St. Louis Park, MN

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