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Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. In fact, it’s the number one reason for missing work. Whether it’s a chronic condition or a one-time thing, all back pain is debilitating and finding relief is priority one. Yet despite what you may think, bed rest is not how to ease the pain, and you’re not alone if you’re wondering how in the world to get relief. While over the counter medication is one route, an easier, more natural alternative to drugs is soaking in a hot tub. Here’s how to use a hot tub for back pain relief.

Heat and Massage for Muscle Relaxation – Chances are you’ve been injured at one point in life and you were told to apply ice followed by heat. The reason why is because ice reduces swelling with a new injury, as in a sprained ankle or injured knee. However, for chronic pain, or injuries that are no longer fresh, heat is the better option. Heat relaxes and loosens tissues which stimulate blood flow to the affected area, reducing pain. It also has an instant soothing affect. Soaking in a hot tub filled with hot water as powerful massaging jets target a sore back is an easy and convenient way to experience relief on contact.

Buoyancy Means No Strain or Pressure – Back pain is often accompanied by the discomfort that comes from trying to get comfortable. Lying down doesn’t work, sitting in a chair is even worse and standing is simply awful. When you can’t get comfortable, easing back pain is nearly impossible. Lounging in a hot tub is the perfect way to take advantage of the buoyancy that water creates. That feeling of floating or weightlessness takes pressure off muscles, letting you relax without pressure. Buoyancy reduces body weight by as much as 90 percent, so you can finally get comfortable.

Easy Stretching to Relieve Stiffness – Health care practitioners will recommend light stretching to relieve symptoms of back pain, yet in most cases, any movement is painful and stretching is the last thing you want to do. Elevated heat from a hot tub warms larger muscles of the back in preparation for stretching, making it easier to move without feeling resistance. Plus, movement encourages blood flow and improves circulation, which relieves stiffness and helps back muscles heal faster.

Fighting back pain is a billion dollar industry and you’re not alone of you’ve spent countless dollars and energy trying to find relief. Luckily, sitting in a hot tub is a highly effective and cost efficient way to target sore back muscles with intense heat and powerful massage, bringing the relief you need to feel better fast.

Hot Tubs Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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