How a Daily Hot Tub Soak Can Help Improve Physical Wellness

Physical wellness starts in the healthy habits we form—eating nutritious meals, treating yourself well, getting a good night’s sleep, and living in motion, whether that means taking sunset walks in the park a few days a week, participating in team sports, or engaging in vigorous workouts. Daily soaks in your hot tub can also contribute … Read More


HYDROTHERAPY – WHAT IS IT? In its basic form, hydrotherapy is a type of warm or cold water massage that helps relieve pain. Hydrotherapy uses the temperature and pressure of water to offer relief from symptoms. While hydrotherapy can take many forms, often it uses under water jetted massage (as in a hot tub). WHEN … Read More

Backyard Camping!

Does your family love camping but you can’t find the time to get away? Or does the thought of loading up the car with all those supplies for a quick weekend stop you in your tracks? Why not create your own backyard camping trip that the kids (and you) will never forget? The first thing … Read More

How an In-Home Sauna Can Help Manage Stress, Sauna Sale Near Me in Des Moines

How an In-Home Sauna Can Help Manage Stress, Sauna Sale Near Me in Des Moines

Avid sauna users say stress management is the benefit they enjoy most. A warm, soothing sauna is the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you’re considering it, here are three ways an in home sauna can help manage elevated stress. Eliminate Distractions – The modern world is filled with distractions, interruptions and intrusions. Luckily, … Read More

Hydration in your Hot Tub

Most people know hydration is important to health. While there isn’t much science supporting the “8 glasses a day” adage, we know water is essential to our well-being. The human body is 50% to 75% water. It’s true what they say: Water is life! Dehydration happens when the body loses more fluids than it takes … Read More

Buy Your Hot Tub From a Local Dealer, Spa Dealer MN

Hot tub enthusiasts have tons of amazing reasons to invest. Improved health, family fun and better sleep top the list for great hot tub benefits. Before making the commitment, learn why it pays to buy a hot tub from a reputable dealer. Expertise and Guidance With many different models, and features to choose from, it’s … Read More

Self-Improvement Tips – Hot Tub Sale, Sauna Dealer Minneapolis

“Personal development is about creating a lifestyle that is healthier and happier. The New Year is typically the time people take stock and make resolutions to do the things that will make them happier,” says Randall Long, of Hot Spring Spas of Minneapolis. Here are three self-improvement tips to make the New Year better. Enjoy … Read More