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10 Fun Games to Play in the Hot Tub with Friends (Family Friendly)


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If you’re like most, your picture-perfect night may include a relaxing hot tub. But sometimes, especially when you have company over, you may want to play some hot tub games. Here are 10 fun games to play in the hot tub that are family friendly.

  1. DODGEBALL – Start with up to 5 ping pong balls in the hot tub, the object is to avoid being touched by one of them. Sounds easy right? Well it may prove to be a fun challenge! Each player moves around to keep away from the balls – but keeping your feet on the bottom! Once a ball touches a player, they are out and must get out of the hot tub. And there’s a challenging-twist:  every time a player goes out, another ball gets added in!
  2. COLD SHOWER – Fill a balloon with ice cold water. Fill it as full as possible without breaking it. All lucky players – and one unlucky one will sit around the edges of the hot tub. Pass the balloon around and hold it above your head for a slow 5-count and at some point, the balloon will pop, giving the unlucky holder a cold shower. There will be lots of laughs (and shivers!) all around.
  3. SLAP SHOT – Make 2 teams. For this game, you’ll need one ping pong ball or any type of floating plastic ball. Each team’s goal is to make the ball touch the opponent’s side of the hot tub. Anything goes! You can splash it, blow it, or push it with waves as-long as no one touches it. Each time a team makes the ball touch the opponent’s wall, they get a point. Feel free to make your own scoring system – like adding points for time the ball spends on the other team’s side of the tub. And, since no game is any fun without risk, the winners get to decide on a fate for the losers. Maybe a pitcher of cold water over the head? It’s your call!
  4. SINK THE BATTLESHIP – The name of this game is misleadingInstead of trying to sink the “battleship” (an empty plastic cup) the goal is to try and keep it afloat.  You will need two cups for this game. Set one of the cups in the water in the middle of the hot tub, you will use it to take turns pouring water into the empty cup. After each pour, count to 5 while the cup settles. Then after the 5-count, it’s the next player’s turn to pour.  The player who sinks the “battleship” is out. If you want to add more fun, they will also have to get out of the hot tub.
  5. KEEP AWAY – This game will work with anything that floats like ping pong balls, rubber ducks, bath toys, etc. Divide into two teams and let the battle begin!  The goal is to make your floating object touch a player on the opposing team – before their object touches one of your teammates.  Twist is you can only move the object in two ways: air (fan air at the object with your hand) and hot tub jets. Making waves, blowing, or touching the object are not allowed.
  6. CELEBRITY ALPHABET – Your mission: think of as many celebrities as you can. But here’s the catch. Their first or last name must start with a certain letter of the alphabet. Here’s how the game works. Player one chooses any letter. For example, they may choose “D” and name “David Bowie.” The next player must follow with another “D” celebrity name – like “David Duchovny. ” You can also mix it up by going through the alphabet, with each player taking the next letter in sequence.                                                                                       
  7. CELEBRITY NAME GAME  – This one is simple. Choose a name, then take turns naming all the celebrities you can think of who share that name. For example, “Michelle.” (Michelle Pfeiffer, Michelle Obama, Michelle Williams, etc.)
  8. FOLLOW-UP  – The object of this game is to choose any category. For instance, you might choose “animals.” The first person will name an animal. Say they name “gorilla.” Then, the next player needs to name an animal that starts with the last letter of gorilla. It might be “alligator” or “antelope.” You can pick any category – songs, bands, books, food, whatever you want. There’s lot to choose from!
  9. INQUISITION  – This challenging game is all about questions. You’ll need to carry on a conversation – without making any statements. You must use a question, or you’re out. Sounds easy? Not so much! If you want to make it even harder? Try this: Player 1 will ask a question. Player 2 answers … while asking player 3 a question also. Here’s how it will work. Player 1 to player 2: “How are you today?” Player 2 to player 3: “Are you feeling as confused as I am? Player 3 to player 1: “I’ve been much better, have you?” Repeat this until one of the players forgets to ask a question and everyone gets a good giggle out of it.
  10. HILARITY – It doesn’t get much simpler than this game. And, in this case, simple means “fun.” The goal is to keep from laughing – while repeating the words “ha-ha,” “hee-hee,” and “ho-ho.” Start with Player 1, they will say, “ha-ha.” Then the next player will say “hee-hee,” and then the next follows with “ho-ho.” Keep this going around the hot tub until one of the players (or all of them) burst into laughter.

These 10 fun games to play in the hot tub are simple hot tub games that will easily help you make great memories with family and friends. And, then when you’re done playing, you can lie back and relax in your hot tub!

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