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Hot Tub Parts and Service


With over 3 decades of hot tub and spa repair experience we’re here to serve the entire Iowa and Minnesota areas.  We can service hot tubs and spas in Des Moines, Carroll, Minneapolis, Minnetonka, Arnolds Park and pretty much everywhere in between and nearby!


Phone Numbers


Hot Tub & Spa Service Includes But Not Limited To:


Weekly/Monthly/Annual Service Plans


Let the pros take care of your water care for you.


  • Sanitizer level testing and adjustment
  • Ph level testing and adjustment
  • Alkalinity level testing and adjustment
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Debris removal with spa vac
  • Electrical safety check
  • Pump operation check
  • Overall diagnostics check
  • Cleaning of hot tub skirting, step and base
  • Cleaning of hot tub cover, and application of cover shield

Spa Re-locations and Moves:

Move your spa safely and trouble free using the pros with proper equipment and knowledge

Spa Winterization:

Ideal for our snowbird customers.

Complete draining and preparation for the winter months for those who go south for the winter!

Custom Staining:

Change the look of you spa with the color you would like, or revamp the look of the existing color you have
Replace missing or broken wood

Spa Orientations:

Ideal for new spa owners who just moved into a residence with an existing spa, or customers who would like a refresher course.

Complete instructions on water care and maintenance for the spa

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