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Do you love to travel? If you’re like most people, you look forward to those few days a year when you can take a break from the worries and commitments of daily life and experience something new. But sometimes jetting off to an exotic destination or even taking a weekend road trip, just isn’t possible, especially during a pandemic. When that happens, the best we can do is try to experience the best things about vacation, without leaving home. It’s easier than you might think!

We did an informal poll, and asked people around the office what they enjoyed most about traveling. Here are some of the reasons they came up with:

  •  Getting refreshed and revitalized
  •  Having dedicated time to spend with your partner and kids
  •  Socialization with friends
  •  Time to reflect on your short and long-term goals
  •  Appreciation of nature and you surroundings
  •  Prioritizing pleasure over work and other not-so-fun obligations

With a little creativity, you can enjoy many of these same benefits at home. With a Hot Spring spa at home, wellness, happiness, and connection is as close as your own backyard.

Not quite convinced? This chart compares the overall wellness benefits of a hot tub versus a vacation.

Hot Tub


Enjoyment Frequency

Many Hot Spring customers make “spa time” part of their daily routine. Even when used daily, a high-quality hot tub can last 15 to 20 years or longer with proper maintenance. One to two-week duration once yearly. Memories can last a lifetime, although the experience itself is short.


Daily or at least weekly opportunities for revitalizing massage, meditation, connection and socialization with family, friends and neighbors leads to an increased sense of well being. Awesome for the one- to two-week period, but over quickly.

Socialization/ Community

Consistent opportunity to invite family, friends and neighbors to connect in a pleasant, natural setting. Family and friends can join up on vacation. Great, but short-lived, fun. Out-of-pocket costs for all participants. Logistics can be a hassle for the organizer.

Connection to
Loved Ones

It’s tough to bring a smartphone, tablet or television into the tub. The burble of the bubbles fills in silences, giving soakers opportunities to discuss matters at their leisure. Good opportunity to connect in stimulating new settings if friends and family members take out the headphones, put down the phones and stop to enjoy the experience.

Dedicated Relaxation

A hot tub can serve as your personal reset button, helping you melt away mental and physical tension. And since it’s in your own back yard, you can enjoy revitalization every day! Opportunities to recharge, but also pressure to take advantage of everything the location has to offer; landmarks, museums, hikes, shows, athletic adventures, restaurants and more.

Meditation / Reflection time

There is nothing like warm water and jets to help you access the subconscious and reflect on your emotional and physical wellness. A practice of daily meditation is proven to make you happier over your lifetime. Vacation brings a clear-eyed perspective back home. It also provides the necessary distance to re-evaluate goals and determine what matters. The problem is that resolutions discovered while away can be lost in frenetic home life.

Time in Nature

Regular time in your outdoor hot tub helps you tune into the beauty of nature from your own backyard. This awareness helps you feel part of a greater world, a notion that eases stress and improves happiness. Visiting dramatic places like Yosemite or Big Sur can be life changing.

For an experience that leads to happiness, vitality, and connection, the hot tub wins over a vacation, hands down. A glance at our reviews illustrate the fact that hot tubbing is a popular backyard activity for families, empty nesters, athletes – just about anyone!

There will be time again someday to hop on a plane or take the kids to a theme park. In the meantime, your local Hot Spring Spas dealer can help you establish your own backyard retreat, where wellness, comfort, and connection are always available!

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