Award Winning Hot Tub Store: Des Moines, Carroll, Arnold’s Park, Lake Elmo, Plymouth

This week I spent some time researching some photos and documents of Hot Spring Spa Dealer Award Winners. As I searched, it dawned on me that we take the awards we’ve received for granted. We should be proud of these awards and brag about them to everyone that will listen!

You see, Hot Spring Spas are made by Watkins Manufacturing, part of the MASCO (MAS) Corporation. It is a Fortune 500(#336) company known for such products as Weiser Locks, Delta Faucets, Behr Paints, and many other products for the home. Watkins Manufacturing builds more hot tubs every year than any other company in the world, with over 1,000,000 spas sold to date! To be honored by such a great manufacturer means we’re doing things the right way.

We took on Hot Spring Spas in 1984, so this will be our 30th anniversary with them! We alone have more than 20,000 customers; primarily in Iowa and Minnesota. The awards we’ve received vary from Regional Dealer of the Year and a Perseverance Award to our proudest accomplishment, the Locksin Thompson Award. This is given yearly to the dealer chosen as the best of the best from over 500 dealers worldwide.

We’re quite proud of these accomplishments, so let me take a moment to boast:

2000: Region 7 Dealer of the Year Award

2001: Locksin Thompson Dealer of the Year Award

2002: Region 7 Dealer of the Year Award

2003: Marketing and Promotion Award

2005: Region 9 Dealer of the Year Award

2006: Region 7 Dealer of the Year

2007: Region 9 Dealer of the Year Award

2008: Region 9 Dealer of the Year Award

2009: Perseverance Award

2010: Region 7 Dealer of the Year

2011: Region No Boundaries Award

2012: Region 16 Dealer of the Year Award

2013: ??????

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. It takes a tremendous staff and the support of great customers for us to be in this position. We are thankful every day to have both!

Thank You!

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