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Getting your hot tub ready for the winter- HotTubs Minnetonka, Lake Elmo, Plymouth, MN

Getting your hot tub ready for the winter

We all know that October through March is prime hot tubbing weather. The early sunsets, cold temperatures, and snowfall adds to the hot tub experience. Often we’re asked “what do I need to do to get my hot tub ready for winter?” Today we’ll take a look at a few things a hot tub owner should consider as cold weather approaches.

1) Water condition: The last thing we want to do in January is drain and refill our hot tub. Take a look at the condition of your water. When was the last time you refilled it? If the quality is questionable and/or it’s been more than 3 months since your last drain and refill you may want to consider a fresh fill. Refilling this time of year should get you through to the spring before you’re due again. If you’re short on time, call our service department and ask about our Spa Valet Service.

2) Filters: The filtration system on a hot tub is the heart and soul of your spa. Filters should be rinsed monthly and thoroughly cleaned and soaked at least every six months. Soaking in a cleaning solution is an absolute must before the winter. Clean filters will keep your spa running trouble free, while dirty or clogged filters can affect the performance of the jets and may interrupt the spa’s heating system. Additionally, most of our customers own a second set of filters that they can exchange in the colder months.

3) Spa Cover: Fall is the best time of year to inspect your spa cover. Having a heavy or torn cover can make your spa difficult to use and raise your energy consumption by 50%. If you cover is still in good condition take the time to condition it one last time before the cold weather hits. If your cover is torn or heavy, it’s time to replace it. We only use covers from Watkins Manufacturing (Hot Spring Spas). This ensures a perfect fit every time. Also, they are made with brackets needed for all Watkins made cover lifters. Call us today to order your cover. We can also schedule an installation where we will remove your old cover for you.

Taking care of these three items will help you rest easy through the cold winter. We do offer services from a drain and refill to weekly spa check-ups. Consult our service department to see what plan is best for you.

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