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Hot Tubs Burnsville, Shoreview, St. Paul – Create a Hot Tub Party This Holiday Season

Hot tub parties were once a symbol of wealth and extravagance, but now are a common occurrence all across the country. Hot tubs add an extra element of fun and relaxation to any type of party, in any climate. Holiday hot tub parties are fun at any time of the year; you don’t have to have heat outside to create a warm and enlivening atmosphere when you have a hot tub on your side.

Indeed, hot tub parties can take place even in the dead of winter if you plan well. A hot tub can turn even a cold winter’s night into a festive, outdoor event. There are plenty of holiday themes you can create around a hot tub party, but you don’t have to wait for a holiday to enjoy a friendly gathering around the fun of a hot tub.

How to Plan for a Holiday Hot Tub Party – The first thing you need to do is clean the hot tub well. You’ll want to ensure that your guests have a clean tub so drain the hot tub, clean the sides and bottom well, and disinfect it before refilling the water. Well before the guests are to arrive, make sure the water is treated properly, and the temperature is set to the correct heat level so everything is ready for your guests to jump right in.

Decorating for Your Holiday Hot Tub Party – The decorations you choose will really create the atmosphere of the holiday around your party. Decorate your outdoor hot tub area the same as you would for an indoor party. One way to create a happy, festive party feel is to string lights. No matter what holiday or event you are celebrating, you can use lights to make the area feel connected to the theme.

One word of caution is that you must remember to keep the lights strung about the area away from the hot tub water. Place candles about the area for a warm, comfortable glow at night. If the weather is warm, have citronella candles in strategic places both in the daytime and at night to keep away mosquitoes.

Guest Comfort – It is a good idea to have plenty of extra towels for guests who forgot to bring one, or need an extra. Having a few extra swim-suits can help a lot as well, for any guests who may not have one. Put up a small changing area for guests to get ready. If you don’t want them to use your bathroom or bedrooms, put up a small tent, or cordon off a section of a garage with blankets or other cloth for a changing area. If the weather is cold, make sure the changing area is free of drafts, indoors to keep them from getting chilled.

Festive Foods for Holiday Hot Tub Parties – Food is an important element of any party. Keep foods light and easy to eat when hosting a hot tub party. Finger foods like sandwiches or chicken wings are an excellent option. Drinks should also be light, and alcohol should be limited because the mixture of alcohol and heat can increase the effects on the heart and blood pressure to a greater degree. Light wine, or limited mixed drinks should be offered along with soda or water.

Safety First: Guidelines for Safe Hot Tub Parties – Never let any decorations or tables block the entrance/exit from the hot tub. Guests should be able to get in and out freely. Rules can dampen a party, but there are a few important rules guests should be aware of for their own safety. No one should adjust the temperature on the hot tub but you, and loose items such as towels and shoes should be placed in available areas away from the entrance to the hot tub.

Any party is better with a hot tub, and it won’t take much to make your parties the envy of all your friends. Take the time to make your hot tub parties fun and safe, and enjoy the holidays in style.

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