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Hot Tubs Des Moines – Is it Time for a Hot Tub Tune-Up?

Now that summer is winding away and the kids have gone back to school, now is an ideal time to perform some maintenance on your spa.

Just like your car needs a tune-up, your hot tub needs regular maintenance to stay in good shape.

Here are a few things to consider doing during your hot tub tune-up:

1- The “once over”

Do a quick assessment for any problems. Look around for leaks and parts that aren’t working well. Catching problems early will mean lower repair costs and less aggravation. Make a list of anything that raises an eyebrow, and consider calling your dealer’s service department to come check it out.

2-Flush the spa system

You may already perform daily and weekly maintenance methods such as sanitizing your water and watching pH levels, but how clean is the water flowing into your tub? Without getting inside the jets and inner plumbing of the hot tub, you won’t know. The inner tubes and systems can be lined with dirt and mineral deposits. Flushing the system cleans the parts of your spa you can’t see, ensuring good water quality before you even fill the tub. Don’t forget to drain and re-fill the tub too.

2-Clean the Filters

Take the filters and soak them in a solution overnight. Ideally, filters should be changed every month, but if you haven’t had a chance, certainly do it now. Think about having two sets of filters, so that you can rotate them each time you clean them. While you are cleaning the filters, don’t forget the grids and cartridges.

3-Check the spa cover

Spa covers take a lot of pressure from the elements. It is possible for covers to crack under the relentless heat of the sun, and rain and snow can cause damage. Make sure to spray the cover with ultraviolet protectant and be sure that you have the adequate spa cover for your climate. Sagging can cause water pooling, and if you have these little puddles on your cover try flipping it. This may correct the problem in the short-term, but consider getting a stronger cover or one of a stronger substance.

Taking care of your spa protects the investment you’ve made in your hot tub. Making sure that your hot tub is well-maintained needn’t be a arduous process. Taking the time to do a little maintenance now will keep your spa working as it should, and can avoid costly repairs in the future. Try a fall hot tub tune-up, and your spa will be well enough to enjoy soaking for days to come.

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