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Sauna Sale Minneapolis, Infrared Saunas MN

Today, 30,000+ Hot Spring Spa customers across Iowa and Minnesota rely on us as the Midwest’s premier, full service spa-specialized company. Each of our stores is proudly named after the Hot Spring brand, is staffed with in-house service and delivery teams, provides certified pre-owned spas, and ensures an unbeatable ownership experience via well-developed customer service programs.

Sauna Dealer Minneapolis


Heat bathing benefits only become real once you enjoy a genuine Finnleo traditional sauna or far-infrared sauna room. Body and souls experience renewal as muscles relax, aches fade, heart and circulation improve, calories burn, and skin rejuvenates.

Mental strain, fatigue, stress, and muscle tension dissolve in a Finnleo sauna. It could be because of psychological changes or perhaps just the soothing warm, calm retreat that is each soak, but regardless, all who enjoy a sauna experience agree it is wonderful and therapeutic.

Hot Tubs Sale

When people decide to buy a hot tub, they expect to enjoy soothing massages, pain relief, and entertainment that’s unique to tub ownership. But what they find once they own one is that the real ownership benefits far exceed the once imagined ones. Each Hot Spring spa combines cost- and energy efficient temperature control systems with traditional, hydromassage and directional water jets to create a most-relaxing spa experience.

Our hot tubs’ unique massage features, water care systems, and low-cost temperature control capabilities mean we simply do things better. For the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience®, each spa offers a beautiful combination of massage and hot water, and customers benefit from our decades of experience and unparalleled customer-care programs.

Swim Spas, Lap Pools

The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems offers a fully functional in-home wellness system, complete with a revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine and optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and soothing hydrotherapy. Each system promotes health, is convenient, and is beautiful enough to serve as a backyard centerpiece.

Over 30K satisfied Hot Spring Spa customers have first-hand experience in purchasing from us as the Midwest’s premier, full-service spa provider. We proudly name each of our stores after the premium brand we offer and staff each with delivery and service teams that offer certified pre-owned spas and customer-care programs for a most-satisfactory purchase and ownership experience.


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Directions from Minneapolis to Hot Spring Spas of the Twin Cities, 650 Commerce Dr #150, Woodbury, MN 55125


Click Here to Get Directions from Your Location to Hot Spring Spas of the Twin Cities, 650 Commerce Dr #150, Woodbury, MN 55125


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3 Ways Maximize Health in a Sauna


1 – Support Heart Health – Cardiovascular health is important; a healthy heart can help avoid risk of heart disease, stroke and more.
High heat of the sauna increases circulation, which prompts more efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery throughout the body. Regular sauna use can make a cardiac event less likely.

2 – Reduce Chronic Pain – Millions of people suffer with everyday aches and pains. The good news is, using a sauna for just a few minutes each day can target pain where it starts, relieving stiffness and relaxing tight, sore muscles and joints. As high heat envelops the body, achy muscles relax, flexibility increases and pain is reduced.

3 – Detox the Skin – Dangerous bacteria and contaminants get absorbed into the skin from the environment, and washing alone cannot remove them. What happens when you lounge in very high heat? You sweat! A deep, regular sweat is a healthy activity, and a smart way to rid the body of toxins.


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Hot Spring Spas of Woodbury
650 Commerce Dr Suite 150
Woodbury, MN 55125
☎ 651-731-9745


Hot Spring Spas of Plymouth
14100 21st Ave N, Suite B
Plymouth, MN 55447
☎ 763-450-5310

Hot Spring Spas of Burnsville
14350 Buck Hill Rd
Burnsville, MN 55306
☎ 952-933-9040


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