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We are the Midwest’s premier, full-service company for spas. We have served over 30,000 Hot Spring Spa customers throughout Iowa and Minnesota and proudly name our stores after the brand we offer. To ensure complete satisfaction, we provide our own service and delivery teams, certified pre-owned spas, and great customer service programs.


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Our new Endless Pools Fitness Systems offer a fully functional home wellness system that’s both easy-to-use and picturesque enough to serve as your yard’s centerpiece. Each one combines the innovative Endless Pools Swim Machine with soothing hydrotherapy and the ability to add an underwater treadmill, rowing, and strength-training exercises.


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Whether it’s for pain relief, at-home massages, or entertainment, our customers have many reasons for purchasing a hot tub. In the end, the ability to enjoy daily dips in their very own hot tubs offers much more benefits than they imagined! And, the ownership experience is likely to delight you, too. Our hot tubs combine traditional, hydromassage, and directional water jets with energy-efficient temperature control to create the ultimate relaxation experience for you.


Each spa offers a rejuvenating massage and hot water combination via our one-of-a kind massage, a cutting-edge water care system, and controls that maintain hot water temperatures while conserving energy and costs. We are dedicated to providing the Absolute Best Hot Tub Ownership Experience® and can deliver on this because of our decades of experience and perfected customer care.


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Heat bathing benefits become tangible when you experience a genuine Finnleo traditional sauna or far-infrared sauna room. As your muscles relax, aches dissolve and your heart and circulation improve.  At the same time, you burn calories and experience skin renewal. As tensions fade away, mind and body slip into harmony and are refreshed.


In a world that strains and fatigues our minds and stresses our bodies, a Finnleo sauna offers relief. It may be psychological changes that occur during a warm sauna experience or just time spent in comfort and calm, but all who bathe in a sauna seem to agree that each soak is like a vacation.


After serving more than 30,000 Hot Spring Spa customers throughout Minnesota and Iowa, we are the Midwest’s premier, full service spa company. After proudly naming each store after the Hot Spring brand, we staff each with their own service and delivery team and offer certified pre-owned spas and superior customer service.


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Directions from Minneapolis to Hot Spring Spas of the Twin Cities, 650 Commerce Dr #150, Woodbury, MN 55125


Click Here to Get Directions from Your Location to Hot Spring Spas of the Twin Cities, 650 Commerce Dr #150, Woodbury, MN 55125


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3 ways to use a swim spa at home.


A costly gym membership or trip to a fancy spa may be right for some people. But for many others, there’s a better way to restore and rejuvenate a tired body and mind. Relaxation is within reach with the modern swim spa.


1 – Aquatic Exercise for Health


Experts say we need a healthy dose of physical activity at least three times a week. Swimming is an excellent option as a cardiovascular and strength-building workout. Swim or engage in aquatic exercise like rowing or resistance bands for a healthier, more fit you.


2 – Relax, Restore and Regenerate in a Swim Spa


Did you know that the swim spa can include a hot tub spa at one end? Many models are designed to contain two separate bodies of water—one for lap swimming and the other for enjoying a relaxing hot tub soak. Workout, swim or play in one end, and relax with heat and customized massage.


3 – Family Fun Time From the Privacy of Home


With an adjustable current, there’s no end to the kind of fun you and the family can have in the swim spa. Attach resistance bands, row bars or even install an underwater treadmill for a complete aquatic fitness machine. Or turn up the current and grab the kids for fun body boarding!


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Hot Spring Spas of Woodbury
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Woodbury, MN 55125
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Hot Spring Spas of Plymouth
14100 21st Ave N, Suite B
Plymouth, MN 55447
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Hot Spring Spas of Burnsville
14350 Buck Hill Rd
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